BioCentinela's vertical and horizontal integration is based upon the company’s fundamental principle of maintaining harmony and respect for nature while producing organic shrimp of unsurpassed quality. To achieve this end, BioCentinela oversees all stages of development of its shrimp product: from their capture from the farm ponds to their reproduction through natural mating and larvae development that takes place in our labs.

With the goal of being a leader in the forefront of organic aquaculture, BioCentinela, in 2002, became the world's first certified organic larvae lab.

BioCentinela's closed circle production process is under its complete control, yielding premium shrimp that satisfy the most demanding European and North American quality standards.

BioCentinela has established a co-packing agreement with Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila, a leader in the processing and packaging of white shrimp in Ecuador.

The feed used in BioCentinela's production is composed of organic certified products such as organic wheat, soybean, and fish meal.