The conservation of mangrove forests is a top priority. Coastal shrimp farmers, including BioCentinela, have their own share of responsibility on how this precious ecosystem is managed. BioCentinela, conscious of the fact that mangroves are vital for a wide range of terrestrial and marine species, has been following Naturland's reforestation standards.

BioCentinela supports surrounding communities by developing a variety of projects and programs to improve the quality of their life. For example, BioCentinela built a water cistern for the local community of Rio Hondo. Another example of the type of social work that BioCentinela does is regularly sending a doctor to the community to check on the people.

Since 2005, BioCentinela has been a host of the World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) Volunteer Program. The volunteers, from all over the world, come to Ecuador and stay on our farms for a usual period of four weeks.