Since 2005, BioCentinela has been a host of the World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) Volunteer Program. The volunteers, from all over the world, come to Ecuador and stay on our farms for a usual period of four weeks.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Where is the company located?
    Our contact information is located in the contact us page.
  2. Where are the shrimp farms?
    BioCentinela's shrimp production units are located in Isla Puna, 75 km south of Guayaquil and they are called Biocentinela, EcuacuĂ­cola, Z1 y Marifaiza.
  3. How do I get there?
    Every Tuesday and Friday you can get there by boat from Balao but it is necessary that you stay in Guayaquil the night before so that early in the morning the next day someone from the company will meet you and will guide you to Balao.
  4. How long can I stay at the farms?
    You can stay at our farms for 2 weeks.
  5. How much do I have to pay?
    As stated in the home page of WWOOF volunteers do not pay for their stay at our farms.
  6. What activities can I do there?
    At the shrimp farms you will be allowed to develop all the activities our workers do. You will try different kind of works there and will get involved in the whole chain of production. Our staff is very professional and will explain every process to you.
  7. Is there internet service at the farms?
    Yes, there is wi-fi connectivity on the main farm.
  8. Is smoking allowed at the farms?
  9. Is there a town near the farms?
    There is a small town near the farms called Rio Hondo. You can go there and get involved with the persons who live there, learn from their culture and teach them about yours.
  10. Who can I contact to arrange my visit to the farms?
    Our contact information is located in the contact us page.