BioCentinela's organic processes guarantee a healthier, more nutritive and natural product. This delicious aquaculture product has not been exposed to chemicals, is eco-friendly, protects the environment and promotes fair trade.

A popular product for retail or reprocessing. Comes in sizes from 36/40 to 71/90 but our most popular sizes are 41/50, 51/60, 61/70.

A very popular product because of its convenience in peeling. Retail packing is available. Most common sizes are 41/50 and 51/60.

Our most popular peeled product. It's produced in several sizes mainly from 41/50 to 91/110.

The perfect presentation during the summer, specially for retail customers.

Includes P&D, Tail On/Off. Basically, it covers any kind of possible peeled value-added product.