Ecuador is a country of spectacular variety and beautiful scenery. From beaches to volcanoes, you can expect to find almost any kind of environment here.

Our farms are located in Puná Island at the head of the Gulf of Guayaquil, south of the mouth of the Guayas River and the city of Guayaquil. The island is an enchanted spot in the planet where tourists can enjoy the view of beautiful landscapes, have moments of great excitement and adventure, or just escape from the noise of the city and deeply relax in paradise on earth.

Puná Island has a rich flora, fauna, and biodiversity. The island hosts hundred of animal and plant species, specially the mangrove tree which its central to the equilibrium of the island ecosystem.

Biodiversity is often used as a measure of the health of biological systems. It's proven that organic shrimp farming doesn't negatively impact biodiversity, on the contrary it positively influences it. Our organic shrimp production doesn't put any pressure on wild stock since the larvae used in the farms is raised in our own hatcheries.

Ecotourism brings progress to the local communities of Puná Island. Tourists come to the island to find peace and adventure at the same time. They also interact with the local people and share experiences and cultural values. There is a variety of activities to be done in the island including boat riding, skiing, fishing, hiking, horse riding and much more.