" We are fully convinced of the high quality of BioCentinela's organic prawns. Raised and produced on the best possible organic standard, these prawns develop an uncomparable fine, sweet taste. They convince by their fresh, pastel colour and delicious, tender meat. Without any doubt these prawns are a temptation for every seafood-connoisseur. We are looking forward to our further relationship and believe that the organic prawns will conquer the german market within a rather short time."

Andreas Lippmann / Former Deutsche See GmbH & Co. KG Advisor

" BioCentinela serves as a model for the shrimp industry. The company demonstrates its commitment to environmental and social values through its relationship with the local community and its achievement of organic certification from three internationally recognized certifying agencies. With its values and high-quality products, BioCentinela is well-positioned to become a leader in the emerging market of organic shrimp."

Tammy E. Newmark / EcoEnterprises Fund

" We selected BioCentinela as a New Ventures Company because of the company's quality product, talented management team, track record, and commitment to the environment of Ecuador. BioCentinela incorporates environmental stewardship into their business model and is successful for it. Consumers can taste the difference in the superior flavor of the shrimp (the best I have ever tasted!)."

Amy Sprague / New Ventures, World Resources Institute

" BioCentinela's commitment to producing wholesome farm raised shrimp using Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) addresses food safety, environmental sustainability and social responsibility strengthens their reputation as an organic producer who is also BAP certified and who can trace their product throughout the Chain of Custody."

Bill More / Aquaculture Certification Council

" We find the flavour and texture of the BioCentinela Organic Shrimp to be consistently good, so we can always rely on satisfying our customers with its high quality."

David Baird / Eirshell Limited

" BioCentinela organic shrimp have a clean, fresh and sweet taste. Knowing that these products have been hatched, raised and processed under Naturland's Organic Certification gives me comfort that I am consuming produce that is healthy for me and at the same time supporting the environment. BioCentinela is a role model for socially responsible and environmentally sensitive corporations. Management and personnel are passionate about their cause and personally invested in the health and well-being of their customers, fellow employees, vendors and community stakeholders. It's a refreshing pleasure to work with such an enlightened, professional group."

Don Piper / Eller College of Management

" Apart from the outstanding quality of their product, BioCentinela is a great example of what a company should be like. They understand the importance of the environment and local social issues, and are doing something about it."

Lorenz Wild / Eller College of Management

" I want to express my heartiest gratitude to BioCentinela for the wonderful learning opportunity. I am confident that the modest understanding I have garnered of the Latin American culture will help me tremendously in my professional development. We look forward to build upon our relationship."

Shailesh Makharia / Eller College of Management

" For me, in all honesty, BioCentinela's shrimp are the only shrimp I would think about eating. I have had some kind of digestive intolerance for shellfish for the last 12 years. Every time I would eat shrimp, crab, lobster or even clams, scallops and oysters, I would find myself sick. But when I ate BioCentinela's shrimp for the first time, I not only loved the sweet taste and juicy texture, I found that I was able to digest them without any problem. I am now a firm believer in the power of organic aquaculture. These organisms are raised in a natural, healthy environment and I am convinced that their purity allows me to eat and enjoy them without any problem. I am impressed with BioCentinela's operations and employees, who are true to their vision and commitment to organic practices. Their shrimp ponds are pristine, clean and a pleasure to tour. I would love to spend more time there just to enjoy the serenity and solitude of that place."

Aaron Wixom / Eller College of Management

" I loved working with the entire BioCentinela team - from the workers on the farms to the experts in the laboratory to the visionaries in the office. Everyone was incredibly helpful and welcoming, and all were entirely committed to BioCentinela's mission to promote social and environmental well-being. BioCentinela's organic shrimp are sweet, succulent, and so flavorful that dipping them in cocktail sauce would practically spoil them."

Matthew Weinberg / Thunderbird College of Management

" I would like to thank Javier Barragan and the staff of BioCentinela for their hospitality and cordiality with which I have been welcome. The excursion to the shrimp farm showed me the beauty of the Pacific Coast with its mangroves, pelicanes and dolphins. I am glad that there are companies like BioCentinela which treat nature with respect. As a responsible organic company BioCentinela not only cares for the environment, but also for the social and economic well-being of its workers. The quality of the organic shrimps is outstanding. I could experience the excellent taste of the BioCentinela shrimp which outshines all the shrimps I have eaten so far."

Iris Köhler / WOOFF Volunteer